Why Everyone Needs a Scullery in Their Home!

A big kitchen is one of the best ways to add value to your home and adding a scullery may be the perfect way to do this! Due to the increased popularity of open plan living over the years, the kitchen is often the first thing you see when guests enter your living area, and a scullery will essentially hide all the mess from your guests and leave more kitchen space for entertaining.

Designing Your Scullery

If you’re planning on cooking or using kettles in your scullery you need to plan for ventilation. A window often does the trick, but if that isn’t possible an exhaust fan will also work to keep the air as fresh as possible. In the case that you can’t have a window in your scullery, your space might also be lacking natural daylight therefore work space lighting is definitely a very important design aspect to consider. One way to combat this is to include some lighting under the overhead shelves or cabinets so that your scullery is sufficiently lit.

Getting two sinks have become increasingly popular in modern kitchens – but it does come with an extra cost! If you choose to have a sink in your scullery, adding a bin is a must. This will help you to clean as you’re working, rather than having to carry any food scraps across your kitchen.

How to Maximise the Use of Your Scullery

If we’re being honest, we think a scullery is the space that kitchen dreams are made of! If cooking for guests is something you do regularly, a scullery is the perfect option for you. With appliances like ovens and fridges in both your main kitchen and scullery, you’ll have loads of space to make a mess without having it out on display.

Lugging your appliances in and out of cupboards often means they are underused. A bench in the scullery is a great place to keep small appliances such as the slow cooker, toasted sandwich press or food processor; if they’re plugged in and ready to go, you’re far more likely to use them. Be sure to ask for plenty of power points for this purpose!

Sculleries are also a great way to maximise your storage. We recommend using your extra drawers, cupboards and open shelves for food and kitchen items. You can also store all your larger appliances like your microwave, second oven, fridge or even a second ‘drinks’ fridge in your scullery.

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