Revolutionising Home Construction: 101 Residential Narrows

Are you dreaming of a new home but discouraged by the seemingly endless construction timelines? Say goodbye to long waits and welcome the future of home building with open arms – introducing 101 Residential’s Narrows. With a groundbreaking 35-week build time, this innovative construction method is set to transform the way homes are built.

At the heart of the Narrows system lies cutting-edge timber truss technology, supplied and installed by one of Western Australia’s biggest timber truss manufacturer, Independent Timber Supplies (ITS). This state-of-the-art approach ensures swift and precise construction without compromising on quality.

What sets the Narrows system apart is its commitment to efficiency and sustainability. By constructing fully framed narrow lot homes without structural or specification changes to the standard plan, 101 Residential delivers not only speed but also cost-effectiveness. The Narrows EPS cladding, crafted from recyclable and non-toxic materials, not only contributes to a healthier environment but also boasts superior thermal efficiency and resistance to moisture and rot.

Backed by decades of construction experience and rigorous quality procedures as part of the Scott Park Group, every Narrows home is a testament to excellence and reliability. Drawing inspiration from the lightweight construction prevalent in the Eastern states, Narrows brings this modern building style to Western Australia, offering the opportunity to build a contemporary two-story home in a fraction of the time.

The secret to the Narrows’ rapid construction lies in its prefabricated, engineer-certified timber frames, meticulously erected on-site by skilled tradespeople. This streamlined process ensures both efficiency and premium quality, saving valuable time without compromising on craftsmanship.


So, what can you expect from your Narrows home? Here’s a glimpse:


Timber Truss Suspended Floor System:

Enjoy a sturdy and durable upper floor supported by innovative timber truss technology.


 Superior Thermal and Sound Qualities:

 Timber-framed upper and ground floor walls combined with EPS cladding deliver unparalleled thermal and sound insulation, ensuring year-round comfort and tranquillity.


Robust Roof System:

Trust in the strength and reliability of the timber truss roof system, designed to withstand the elements with ease.


Energy-Efficient Design:

 Insulated cladding to walls and energy-efficient insulation in the roof space contribute to lower energy bills and a greener footprint.


Modern Aesthetic:

 With acrylic render to the first floor and ground floor, as well as a Colorbond® roof cover, your Narrows home boasts a sleek and contemporary exterior.


101 Residential Narrows represents a revolution in home construction, combining speed, sustainability, and style like never before. With its swift build time, advanced technology, and commitment to quality, the Narrows system offers homeowners the opportunity to turn their dreams into reality in record time. Say hello to the future of home building with the Narrows by 101 Residential.

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