101 Residential Announces New Partnership with Smeg: Elevating Kitchen Excellence Together!

Smeg, a trusted brand in Australia for many years, is now part of the quality finish included for 101 Residential clients when they build their double storey dream home. This exciting partnership promises to elevate kitchen excellence to new heights.

We recently caught up with the Smeg team to discuss the latest trends and what will define the kitchen of the future.

What are the most popular trends at the moment?

The Smeg team highlighted a noticeable gravitation towards inviting spaces. In the kitchen, this translates into creating a shared space that is both functional and fabulous. There’s a significant transformation in how technology is integrated into the kitchen, designed to work seamlessly for homeowners while complementing the perfect blend of cooking and aspiration.

What products are timeless for a kitchen?

When it comes to timeless kitchen elements, the focus shifts to the user and their unique needs. However, there are a few indulgences and items that are universally appreciated:

Double Ovens:

Introducing two ovens into a kitchen adds a sense of versatility and convenience, allowing for the preparation of different dishes simultaneously. Whether it’s built-in double 600mm ovens or an oversized 900mm oven, this feature enhances the cooking experience.

Stylish Range Hoods:

Beyond their functional role in removing cooking odours and smoke, stylish range hoods also contribute to the overall elegance of the kitchen space. They serve as both a practical necessity and a design statement.

Kitchen Island:

A kitchen island stands as a centrepiece, offering additional workspace, storage, and seating. It’s the perfect addition for entertaining guests or enjoying family meals, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal to the kitchen.

Quality Small Appliances:

Smeg is renowned for its quality small appliances, which seamlessly blend innovative design with attention to detail. These appliances, available in a range of colours and unmistakably Smeg silhouettes, bring café-quality into the comfort of your own home.

The partnership between 101 Residential and Smeg signifies a commitment to delivering exceptional kitchen experiences to double storey homeowners. By staying attuned to the latest trends and offering timeless kitchen essentials, this collaboration promises to redefine kitchen excellence for years to come.

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