The Overlooked Laundry, Maximising Functionality

When it comes to planning or renovating our homes, we often focus on the more glamorous spaces like the kitchen, living room, or the master bedroom. The laundry tends to be an afterthought, relegated to a small, out of the way space in the house. However, this is a missed opportunity. In Perth, where homes come in various shapes and sizes, the laundry can be a valuable and versatile space that, and, when thoughtfully designed, can offer maximum functionality and convenience. Let’s explore why it’s essential to consider your laundry needs earlier in your planning process and how this often-overlooked space can transform your daily life.

The Perspective

From cosy villas to suburban single homes and spacious double storey’s, the laundry room’s significance can vary greatly. However, several common factors make it an important consideration:

Weather Variability: Perth’s varying weather patterns often require frequent laundry, especially during winter or on humid days. A well-designed laundry room can make this task more manageable.

Outdoor Lifestyle: We Perthian’s love our outdoor activities, and laundry often involves washing sports gear, gardening clothes, and beach towels. An efficient laundry room can cater to these needs.

Sustainability: With a growing focus on sustainability and environmental consciousness, residents of Perth are increasingly looking for ways to reduce carbon footprint. A laundry room designed for efficient water and energy usage can contribute to this goal.

Designing the Ideal Laundry Room

So, what can you do to make the most of your laundry room in Perth? Here are some essential considerations:

Space Optimisation: Regardless of your laundry’s size, maximising space is crucial. Consider how you use your laundry and if that will change in the future. Think about stacking your washer and dryer to save floor space.

Storage Solutions: Adequate storage is essential. Cabinets, shelves, and baskets can help keep laundry essentials organised. Incorporate a mix of open and closed storage to suit your needs.

Drying Area: Perth’s outdoor lifestyle means you often won’t need and may not always want to use a dryer. Design a designated drying area with a retractable clothesline, fold-out drying racks, or a space for a standalone drying cabinet.

Ventilation and Lighting: Good ventilation and lighting are key to a functional laundry room. Ensure proper ventilation to minimise moisture causing mould issues. Well-placed lighting is essential for safety and visibility. And ideally include a door with easy access to your outdoor clothesline.

Sustainability Features: Invest in energy-efficient appliances and water-saving fixtures. This not only helps the environment but also reduces utility bills over time.

Multi-Functional Space: Make your laundry room work for you. Incorporate a folding table that can double as a clothes sorting space or an ironing station. Some laundry rooms can even serve as pet washing station or mudroom.

The Benefits of Early Planning

Considering your laundry room’s needs earlier in your planning process offers several advantages:

Efficiency: An efficiently designed laundry room can save you time and energy, making laundry less of a chore.

Increased Home Value: A thoughtfully designed laundry room can add value to your home. It’s a feature that many potential buyers appreciate.

Organisation: It’s easier to stay organised and clutter-free when you have adequate storage and a designated laundry area.

Environmental Benefits: A sustainable laundry room can help you reduce your ecological footprint.


The laundry room often plays a crucial role in daily life, so it’s important not to overlook this space when planning your new home. The laundry room can be much more than a place to wash clothes – it can be a functional, efficient, and versatile part of your home that caters to your specific needs and lifestyle. By considering your laundry room’s requirements earlier in your planning process, you can ensure that it becomes an integral and valuable part of your daily routine, offering convenience, functionality, efficiency, and contributing to a more sustainable way of living.

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