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Welcome to the world of real estate development, where architectural innovation and urban planning come together to create dynamic living spaces. Among the diverse range of residential properties, three distinct types stand out: duplex, triplex, and multi-unit developments. These multi-family dwellings have become increasingly popular due to their ability to optimize land usage while offering unique housing solutions to meet the evolving needs of modern communities. Delve into the fascinating realm of multi-unit structures, uncovering unique design features, financial advantages, and the positive impact they can have on both residents and urban landscapes.

Whether you’re a prospective homeowner, an investor seeking profitable opportunities, or a curious enthusiast, join us as we venture into the world of duplexes, triplexes, multi-unit developments and everything in between.

Home Behind Home

Are you currently living in an established home on a large Perth block and have wondered whether you can afford to subdivide and invest in building a house behind your house?

If you are a homeowner residing in an established property, exploring the option of subdividing your land and constructing a new home at the rear can be an excellent way to maximise the potential of your property. At 101 Residential, we are here to assist you throughout this exciting process, providing expert guidance and support every step of the way.

Subdividing your block can open up numerous possibilities and benefits. By dividing your land into separate lots, you create the opportunity to build an additional home while retaining your existing residence. This not only allows you to create an additional source of income through renting or selling the new property but also enhances the overall value of your land.



Whether you have an empty block in an established location, or are looking to demolish and build, a duplex development can be a great way to maximise your blocks potential.

At 101 Residential, we take pride in offering a wide range of options for property development, including both single and two-storey side-by-side or front-and-rear duplex designs. Our team of experts is well-versed in creating customised plans that perfectly suit your block and budget, ensuring that your property development project is a seamless and successful endeavour.

Duplex developments have become increasingly popular in Perth, and for good reason. They present an excellent opportunity for homeowners to maximise their land’s potential while enjoying the benefits of two separate and low-maintenance dwellings. This type of development not only caters to investors looking to generate rental income but also suits families seeking to accommodate multiple generations or those looking to downsize while maintaining a connection to the property they’ve lived in for years.


A triplex development might be for you if you have a large block in Perth and are looking to maximise your full potential.

Undertaking a triplex development may initially seem like a daunting task, but with our expertise and guidance, the journey becomes a smooth and efficient one. We understand that each block of land is unique, and our approach is tailored to suit your specific needs and goals. From the initial consultation to the final stages of construction, we will be there to provide the necessary support and advice at every step.

The key to a successful triplex development lies in careful planning and a clever use of space and design. Our experienced designers analyse your block and propose creative solutions to maximise its potential. We take into consideration factors such as orientation, sunlight exposure, privacy, and accessibility to create a harmonious layout that enhances the liveability and value of each dwelling.

Grouped Dwellings

Looking to take advantage of a change in the zoning of your site and not sure about how? A Grouped Dwelling solution may be for you.

With a growing population and limited available land, the demand for housing in Perth’s suburbs is on the rise. The government’s push for higher densities aims to address this demand while promoting sustainable urban development. As a result, local residents who own larger properties have the potential to subdivide their land and create multiple townhouses or grouped dwellings on a single site.

This shift towards increased densities offers several compelling advantages for property developers. Firstly, subdividing and building townhouses or grouped dwellings can significantly increase the overall resale value of the property. These modern, well-designed homes cater to the preferences of contemporary buyers and tenants, making them highly attractive in the real estate market.

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