What does 101 Residential stand for?

  • We’re passionate about giving you the freedom to create a home that perfectly complements your lifestyle
  • By developing clever design solutions, we can help you make the most of your money – which means genuine value in every square metre
  • Teamwork developed in a positive supporting environment, and including comprehensive staff training will produce outstanding customer service which is central to the continued success of 101 Residential
  • We want you to feel secure in the build quality of your home, so all our homes have a lifetime structural guarantee
  • We believe there are more than 101 ways that we make sure that your new home will stand the test of time and deliver you a place to relax with your family and friends.

Who should I contact if I’m interested in building with 101?

Call us on 08 9208 9101, complete our contact form on our website or pop in to one of our 4 display homes, located across Perth Metro area from Treeby to Jindalee.

What makes the construction of 101 homes different?

At 101, we strongly believe that your home is your choice. We give you the opportunity to choose your construction method –

Upper Level Walls
1. Cladding
2. MasterWall
3. Double Brick

Upper Level Floor System
1. Engineered Timber Truss
2. Engineered Concrete Truss

Internal Wall Finish
1. Traditional Float and Set Plaster Finish
2. Platinum Drywall

External Wall Finish
1. Acrylic Render
2. Face Brick

What is MasterWall made of?

MasterWall is lightweight, reinforced, insulated polystyrene that’s mechanically fitted to the outer face of the building; timber or steel framing. The complete system includes the application of acrylic render systems, frame wraps, trims, sealants and flashings to openings that combine to create a weather-tight building envelope.

How long has MasterWall technology been around?

Over 60 years! MasterWall entered the WA market in 2011, but it has been used successfully and extensively in Europe and North America for over 60 years.

How does MasterWall work?

MasterWall gives you the ultimate thermal insulation. Traditional insulation in between studs has ‘thermal gaps’, places where heat and cold pass more freely between the outdoors and space within. By wrapping the house in a seamless thermal envelope, it stabilises the interior environment and therefore reduces the energy consumption of the home. Put simply, this type of innovative construction reduces your carbon footprint, as its high thermal value means its thermal efficiency gives large energy savings in winter and summer.

Can I vary the designs?

Absolutely, this is your new home! Our team of design consultants are available to confidently work with you to make variations to any of our range of homes, or even design you an entirely new home from scratch to your unique requirements. We can work with you at a time and place that suits you seven days a week.

Do I get charged to customise the designs?

No, our design service is a no obligation, free of charge service.

Where are the display homes?

At the moment there are several display homes in Perth Metro area you can visit, Perth display homes you can visit including Treeby, Southern River, Dianella and Jindalee.