Home Storage Ideas – A Guide to Thoughtful Storage

Building a brand new home is a journey of creativity and practicality. For those who seek not just a house, but a sanctuary that seamlessly blends comfort and innovation, a two-storey home by 101 Residential stands as the pinnacle of modern living. With a focus on space-saving solutions that maximise utility and elegance, keep reading to delve into the art of creating a dream home that balances style and functionality.

The Brilliance of Under Stair Storage

Under stair spaces often remain underutilised, but with 101 Residential, they’re transformed into savvy storage solutions. Incorporating clever pull-out drawers, shelves, or even cozy reading nooks, these spaces epitomise functionality. Whether it’s storing shoes, seasonal decorations, or a mini-library, under stair storage solutions are designed to seamlessly blend into the overall aesthetics of your home while providing additional storage.

Scullery or Butler’s Pantry

A scullery or a butler’s pantry is no longer just a luxury for the affluent; it’s a smart solution for keeping your kitchen pristine and organised. These spaces provide an ideal spot for prepping meals, storing groceries, and housing bulky kitchen appliances. Imagine a space where you can effortlessly create culinary wonders without cluttering your main kitchen area. 101 Residential’s homes turn this dream into reality, offering a seamless transition from preparation to presentation.

Laundry Redefined

Gone are the days when the laundry was a mere functional corner of the house. 101 Residential’s approach brings a refreshing twist by integrating style and efficiency. Opt for a design that feature laundry’s that not only house the washing machines and dryers but also provide ample storage for detergents, cleaning supplies, and even a dedicated space for folding. With well-planned layouts and thoughtful design, doing laundry becomes less of a chore and more of a well-organised activity.

Walk-In Wardrobe – Where Fashion Meets Functionality

For the fashion-conscious homeowner, a walk-in wardrobe is the epitome of opulence. 101 Residential takes this concept further by combining luxury and practicality. Homes with spacious closets are designed to accommodate not just your garments, but also accessories, shoes, and even personalization options like built-in dressing tables, make up nooks and mirrors. With smart organisation solutions, your walk-in wardrobe becomes a haven of style and convenience.

Elevating Bathroom Storage

Bathrooms, often overlooked in terms of storage, receive a transformation in 101 Residential’s homes. Under basin storage solutions provide discreet spaces for towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies, keeping the bathroom clutter-free. Ingenious shelving and cabinetry solutions enhance both aesthetics and functionality, turning your bathroom into a spa-like retreat.

Organise With Ease, From Linens To More

A walk-in linen closet is a versatile and invaluable storage space that extends its utility far beyond its name suggests. While it does the job of accommodating and organising your assortment of linens such as towels, bed sheets, and tablecloths, its design and spaciousness offer so much more. This roomy closet becomes a space suitable for a variety of household items, from seasonal decorations and cleaning supplies to extra toiletries and small appliances. Its shelves and compartments provide an ideal home for anything that you need neatly stowed away but still readily accessible. In essence, a walk-in linen closet transforms into a multifunctional storage solution, proving that it can effortlessly house and streamline a so many of the everyday essentials beyond just your linens.

Your Dream Home Awaits

Throughout Perth, 101 Residential’s home builders resonate as a pioneer, crafting two storey homes that redefine contemporary living. By seamlessly integrating savvy space-saving solutions like under stair storage, sculleries, walk-in wardrobes, and efficient bathroom storage, their homes turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Building a brand new two-storey home with 101 Residential isn’t just about bricks and mortar; it’s about envisioning and realising your ideal living space, where luxury and practicality intertwine harmoniously. We also specialise in offering comprehensive home and land packages, designed to deliver both style and functionality, tailored to your personal preferences and lifestyle. Your dream home, complete with innovative space-saving solutions, is ready to welcome you.

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