Elevating Outdoor Summer Space for Perth Gatherings

Elevating Outdoor Summer Space for Perth Gatherings

Embracing the laid back, warm evenings synonymous with Perth, where backyard conversations, delightful beverages, and mellow melodies intertwine, is a cherished tradition. As the summer season approaches, the prospect of infusing these gatherings with a touch of sophistication becomes inviting. The good news is that achieving this stylish transformation doesn’t demand an excessive investment of effort – the following tips will steer you in the right direction.


Mastering the Art of Creating an Outdoor Oasis This Summer

Strategize Your Space

Before diving into the world of outdoor furnishings, pause to envision how your outdoor area will be utilised. Will an expansive table truly see regular use or merely take up space? Are casual hangouts and impromptu barbecues more your style? Opt for versatility with a modular lounge or daybed coupled with an assortment of quaint tables and stools. Remember to select outdoor-specific cushions, and when not in use, bring them indoors to preserve their quality.

Crafting Alfresco Allure

For those who relish hosting refined luncheons and summer soirees, investing in an outdoor dining set proves wise. Even an economical table is transformed with the addition of a pristine white tablecloth. Embrace an eclectic ambiance by mixing chair styles and colours or introduce a vintage feel with distressed pastel-painted timber. Navy blue deck chairs evoke lazy summer days, while white chair covers lend an air of sophistication to evening affairs. Merge the dining table with built-in or pallet seat lounges, enhancing your entertaining flexibility. Well-considered planning helps to guide where to channel your resources.

Accentuate with Style

Complement your core pieces by infusing personality through accessories and playful accents tailored to various occasions. A dedicated outdoor socialiser might explore a built-in barbecue, or perhaps venture into the realm of smokers, wood-fired pizza ovens, and compact fridges – ensuring readiness for any eventuality.

Illuminating Ambiance

Lighting holds the key to establishing an atmosphere. While spotlights provide clarity, candles within vintage coffee and jam jars evoke intimacy. Solar-powered paper lanterns suspended over the dining table offer a soft glow, and solar-powered garden lights come in an array of styles. From vibrant bulbs for festive gatherings to fairy lights for a whimsical touch or Edison bulbs for refined elegance, quality justifies a slightly higher budget.

Flourish with Greenery

Add vibrancy to your alfresco setting with colourful ceramic pots or glass bowls housing drought tolerant succulents. Larger pots transform balconies and courtyards. Consider vertical gardens to grace your space with lush greenery without overwhelming it. Opt for colours that harmonise with your indoor décor for a seamless transition between spaces.

Weather-Ready Comfort

Combat evening chills with outdoor heaters or a cosy fire pit, for year-round enjoyment. When sweltering days persist, a ceiling fan keeps guests comfortable while deterring pesky insects.

Bonus: Outdoor Oasis Defined

Elevate your setting’s allure by introducing an outdoor rug. Beyond defining distinct areas, these rugs inject visual intrigue and coolness to your outdoor grounds. Purchase them online, from outdoor furniture stores, or reliable retailers like Bunnings.

Discover Inspirational Alfresco Spaces

Explore the exquisite alfresco zones showcased in our family oriented Display Homes. For enquiries about infusing your next home with a stylish alfresco haven, get in touch with us. Your outdoor oasis awaits.


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