Client Story – Charné & Scott

With their dream home design in hand, they turned to 101 Residential, seeking a dedicated sales rep who could turn their vision into reality and find the perfect block for their dream home.

It started by going to display homes and looking at a heap of builders

Despite initial concerns about potential delays in the construction process, they have found themselves pleasantly surprised by the rapid and smooth progress of their dream home build. From the moment they embarked on this journey, they were met with reassurance and guidance every step of the way, ensuring that their vision for a spacious and comfortable home for their growing family was realised with efficiency and ease.

It’s moving way faster than what we expected

With the help of 101 Residential’s sales rep they were able to achieve precisely what they desired, fostering a strong sense of confidence in their decisions throughout the process.

Our experience has been amazing, from the sales process to construction.