Build Time Guarantee

Terms & Conditions

  1. 101 Residential hereby guarantees the construction timeframe on standard plans as follows;
    • Single Storey Homes 12 months
    • Double Storey Homes 18 months
  2. Valid for homes signed up from 1 February 2024.
  3. Timeframe is calculated from the date that the ground floor slab is poured to practical completion.
  4. Any delay past this time guarantee will result in a credit to the customer by way of variation at key handover at a rate of $400 per calendar week.
  5. The following increases in timeframes will apply;
    • Double Storey with upper floor double brick + 4 weeks
    • Raked Ceilings + 2 weeks
    • External Cladding + 2 weeks
  6. Delays outside of our control will not contribute to the calculated timeframe. Ie; natural disasters, Government mandated shutdowns, disease, vandalism, theft, war, holiday shutdown, extended periods of bad weather, industry wide transport, labour and material supply interruptions.
  7. This guarantee is conditional upon all progress payments being completed within 10 working days of invoice issue.
  8. This guarantee is conditional upon all other site related timeframes being met by customers such as site access/fence removal/power dome/owner nominated trades etc.
  9. The agreed penalty fee is payable for a maximum of 12 weeks.