Home Offices are Out and Study Nooks are In!

Working from home is a growing trend this year which means people no longer find the need to devote a whole room to a home office and are craving space-savvy study nooks that allow for more flexible living arrangements. Don’t forget to consider these three tips when designing a study nook for your home..

Storage Galore

Not only are study nooks a practical solution to working from home, they’re also a great place for extra storage. No matter the size of your nook, it’s very easy to design a space that will hide away those loose papers and everyday electronics that are usually left sprawled out on the kitchen bench.

Placement is Everything

A study nook is a less formal space that can still offer many, if not all, the elements of a traditional study, as they are much smaller and more compact. Locating your study nook in a hallway is a great way to create a functional zone out of a previously underused space, without compromising on appearance.

Let There be Light

Research has shown that natural light improves workplace performance and can have a positive effect on your sleep pattern and general wellbeing. It’s important to find a space in your home that utilises natural sunlight so that you can avoid using artificial lighting at your desk as much as possible.