Building your dream home can sometimes be quite overwhelming with so many different options to choose from. To give you some inspiration, we have spoken to our excellent teams of Design and Sales Consultants; Prestart Consultants and Interior Designers to give you an exclusive look at what’s trending right now.

Majestic windows

How to create a hotel vibe in your own home? The answer is majestic windows and good window treatments.

Colours on trend this year

This year greens and blues are making their way into our homes when it comes to hard finishes paired with the neutral shades.

Black fittings - Alder Tapware

Black fittings and fixtures are still strong this year as well as feature tiles as pictured here in The Amalfi display home.

Coloured and patterned splashback - Tiles Expo

A combination of colour, pattern and texture is becoming a popular feature in a lot of homes.

Earthy shades and neutral tones

Earthy shades and neutrals in soft furnishings is still the go this year. To evoke calm and comforting moods.

Outside/inside living

Not much has changed when it comes to the blur between outside/inside living. Large stacker doors will help achieve this feeling.

Create extra living areas with a balcony

Adding a balcony to your home can serve as a great outdoor living area, especially in our reverse living/upside down houses.

Glassless shower screen

We are seeing a rise use of a large walk-in shower with no glass screens. This is a great solution for everyone who despise the shower screen cleaning