Creating Street Presence with Your Elevation

If you’ve ever browsed display homes, you would have heard of the term street presence. It’s the first impression your property gives from the front, otherwise known as ‘street view’ and can be a strong deciding factor for buyers when it comes time to sell. We recommend using a combination of the following features to create a design that sets your home apart.

Different Textures

Using a mixture of textures in your elevation is a great way to make a statement in the front of your home. Red brick is a popular option if you want to go for a more industrial style look. Otherwise, we love the look of a stone feature wall that continues with neutral colours through the rest of the elevation. For a more coastal style home you could also consider a timber look product similar to the KnotWood cladding wall that is featured in our Southern River display home, The Avalon.

Statement Windows

Windows are a big part of any home, and they can add so much value to your front elevation. We recommend incorporating corner windows, and other feature window in your design to create a modern edge. You can also do this buy framing your windows with contrasting colours, similar to the one featured in The Portofino Display that has a concrete grey wall with black window casing. This is a feature will really draw the eye and enhance the overall look of your home.

Front Door

The front door is an important part of your elevation and will really set the tone when guests take their first steps through you home. So of course, it makes sense to choose a front door that is not only stylish, but also true to your taste. If you have space and want to really make a real statement, consider designing a wider hallway with a 1200mm feature entry door. We think this is one feature that is definitely will definitely set your home apart.

Spruce up the garden

Landscaping is the final step when giving your property that final ‘wow’ factor. A recent study found that homes with beautiful lawns had up to an $80,000 higher sales price over comparable properties without this feature, so it’s definitely worth investing some time into keeping your front gardens looking green and fresh. Remember that trees and shrubs can obscure your home’s best features so it’s still important not to go overboard when landscaping the front of your home.