As block sizes continue to get smaller in Perth, it’s becoming more important to build functional, double storey homes that cater for the whole family.
Through clever design and quality construction, these 8 tips will help make the most of every precious square metre of the narrowest block.

Open Plan Living

Open plan living is one the most important factors in narrow block house designs. By removing the divide between living areas, your space will feel more spacious, and the natural light should start flooding in. You can also use sliding doors to open the space between your alfresco area, providing an even larger area to entertain and enjoy with friends and family.

Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors provide a practical alternative to the traditional hinged door by removing the operational arc of the door from the room entirely. A sliding door requires minimal space to operate and can be installed almost completely flush to the wall saving a significant amount of space in your home.

Natural Lighting

When it comes to home design, we believe the more natural lighting, the better! Lighting will make your house feel light, bright, airy, and open. The best way to increase natural lighting in your design is through your placement of windows, skylights, highlight windows and glass doors. You can customise your floor plans to optimise the natural lighting as much as possible.

Clever Landscaping

You may not have an abundance of land but creating a functional outdoor space is a must on a narrow block. Your alfresco is an extension of your home and it can determine how much time you’ll spend outdoors. We recommend making use of vertical gardens to grow your favourite veggies and herbs or incorporating a sunken lounge to help create a central attraction to your landscaping! ⠀

Functional Use of Space

There is no need to sacrifice on a narrow block. The key to great house plans is the functional use of space. Double garages, study nooks, sculleries, family retreats and spacious bedrooms will suit all your family’s needs. There’s no need to lose out on storage either! You can save space with floor to ceiling cabinetry, open shelving, built-in appliances and more.

High Ceilings

One of the best ways to open up your space is with high ceilings! What’s lacking in width, you can make up for in height. We recommend embracing your vertical space with high ceilings to allow for even the smallest rooms to feel big and spacious. For a double storey narrow block design, consider adding a void above the kitchen, dining or living area.

Furniture Storage

It can be quite difficult to find space for storage in your home when building on a narrow block. A great way to combat this is by buying furniture that doubles as storage. Decor pieces like coffee tables, bed frames, and benches can all provide extra storage space that’s completely hidden from plain sight.

Build Up to Your Boundary

When building on a narrow block, it’s important to understand the rules and regulations proposed by local councils, especially regarding your property boundary. Therefore, we recommend building right up to the very edge of the property boundary to make the best use of every square metre of your block.